LACEWOOD is an original pop country band with a strong focus on songwriting. The band may be fairly new but all three members have well established independent music careers. The wealth of experience and diversified skills of these three unique perspectives makes LACEWOOD a very powerful combo!

Dwight Deon - Most widely known as a Canadian Idol top finalist. But much more than a great singer he is an accomplished musician and producer. He is known in the band as the “hook writer” for his constant ability to come up with memorable melodies.

Lana Grant - A singer songwriter with an impressive catalogue of solo material. Her songs are always heart felt and message driven. Never afraid to think bigger she has used her talents to bring musicians together and for many charitable causes, through projects ranging from cook books to group recordings.

Chris Iannetti - An in-demand musician and producer who has shared the stage with many of the East Coast’s best known artists. He runs a recording Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia which is the home base for LACEWOOD writing and production.

Together they have build something greater than the sum of it's parts and are very excited to share their music with you. Stay tuned!